We're the vinyl repair experts!

In our 30 years making The WaterBlob®, we have become the foremost experts on all forms of vinyl products, from inflatables to protective padding and shade coverings. We not only repair our own products but we repair products from other manufacturers using our more durable heat-application patches — even when our competitors won't service a repair! We've have worked with camps, event venues, and other clients around the globe to ensure that their vinyl inflatables and protective materials are safe, fully functional, and above all fun!
We can work on indoor, outdoor and aquatic inflatables, including blobs, bounce house, slides, water trampolines, obstacle courses, icebergs, and many more. Our repairs are done with sewing and heat sealing, which lasts much longer than glue patches. We use high-quality 22 oz vinyl on all repairs, and offer competitive pricing.



Things We Can Repair

Blown Baffles
Split Seams
Torn Netting

Excessive Air Leaks
Broken Zippers
Step Replacements

Worn Inflatables
Added Blower Tubes
Added Vents

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