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We are Springfield Special Products, makers of the original Water Blob® and many other custom vinyl products. Our business is based on specialty orders for camps and resorts around the world. Besides our custom Blobs®, we create water slides, ski tubes, obstacles courses, and custom shading products for recreational camps and consumer use. Our products have appeared on Wipeout, Heavyweights, Nitro Circus, and many other features.

Our success is due to our focus on our use of high-quality materials for extreme durability, and our capability to repair and maintain our products for a lifetime. Unlike our competitors, our Water Blob® is the only one in its class that is guaranteed safe, and is made of 2-ply, high quality vinyl.

We have a superior track record in vinyl repairs, and can even offer repairs and upgrades for products made by other manufacturers.

About the Blob®

It was first invented by Tex Robertson of Camp Longhorn in Burnet, Texas who used an Army Surplus fuel bladder as a waterfront toy. Spike White of Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Missouri fell in love with the idea and brought it to us.

We took that vision and carefully crafted our world-famous two-ply inflatable waterfront toy that we all know as the WaterBlob®

Commitment to Quality

We make the only original Blob® . Made in the USA with great care and high-end materials, we at the WaterBlob® pride ourselves on quality and perform our own repairs. The Blob® is the only water toy in its class to guarantee fun. Accept no substitutes.



We use high-quality materials and offer superior craftsmanship to provide the safest products.



Our WaterBlob® comes with a 1 year guarantee with full coverage on any repair labor and materials.



Send your Blob® to us for long-lasting repair and refurbishment. We even repair inflatables from other manufacturers!


Made In USA

Every product we craft is overseen by experienced in-house staff to ensure quality and safety. We proudly manufacture in Springfield, Missouri.


Accept No Substitutions!

The Original WaterBlob® has been a successful and trustworthy product for over 30 years. Don’t be deceived by unsafe, and unreliable products that claim to be a "blob." The WaterBlob® is a registered trademark, and official WaterBlobs® are manufactured only by Springfield Special Products, in Springfield, Missouri, USA.

Recently, many manufacturers and resellers have begun offering cheaply-made and unsafe imitations. Please be aware of the lower quality of these products, which cause safety risks.

You can immediately see the difference in quality between an official WaterBlob® and an knock-off inflatable. Some of the warning signs of an imitation product include:

  • Large blobs that are only single-ply — ours are 2-ply
  • Small, easily breakable valves — ours are large and sturdy
  • Flimsy grommets and tie-downs — ours are sewn in with multiple layers
  • Glue-patch repairs — ours feature heat-sealing, for long-lasting results

Official WaterBlob®

High quality D-Rings ensure safe tie down
We use a vinyl cement, heat treatment and use heavy duty nylon stitching to secure our 2-ply d-ring.
The 2-ply vinyl ensures maximum quality, and product longevity

Low-Quality Competitor

Damaged or cheap tie-downs, tear easily and can allow a blob to drift dangerously in the water
Cheap air valves break easily and leak causing a poorly inflated blob
A larger valve distributes stress more evenly across a wide surface area. It also allows you to inflate and deflate your Water Blob quicker.

Videos of The Blob®

 All footage is property of their respective owners.

Carrie Underwood

See us featured in the new Carrie Underwood Video!


We're not saying we're the Porsche of Water Recreation. We'll just let Porsche do it for us.

Nitro Circus

Who needs water anyway? Watch some mad folks base jump off a skyscraper using the blob.

2014 Ace Adventure Blob Competition

Some award winning launches from Ace Adventure Resort.

Duck Hunt with Jackass

A Blob, a canoe, 4 "hunters" with paintball guns, and 1 unlucky sap as the duck. WARNING, contains some foul language.



What happens when you replace the jumper by dropping a weight from a crane!

Record That.

If you're gonna be launched into a crystal clear lake, you might as well right?


Got a video of your own? Use our hashtag. Maybe your video will end up featured!

Already Own A WaterBlob®?

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We also repair vinyl inflatables!

In our 30 years making The WaterBlob®, we have become the foremost experts on all forms of vinyl products, from inflatables to protective padding and shade coverings. We not only repair our own products but we repair products from other manufacturers using our more durable heat-application patches — even when our competitors won't service a repair!

We can repair:

Blown Baffles
Split Seams
Torn Netting

Excessive Air Leaks
Broken Zippers
Step Replacements

Worn inflatables
Added Blower Tubes
Added Vents


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